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March 20, 2015

The setting - the ever popular Lake Ming in Bakersfield, Ca.

The weather was spectacular. Six CrackerBox teams arrived to do battle on the spacious waters of the lake. The event host SCSC. The teams - from the south - Soliss P9 Miss Suncoast with Hollywood Schatz and Jeff Hansen. Mike Schatzs P92 Evolution with Mike Schatz and Cole Noble. Conaways P55 California Cracker Sluice Box with Dave Laws and Scott Stump. Doidges P94 High Maintenance with Donald Doldge and Justin Dalessandro, From the north - Rucki Bross P28 Renegade with Briand and Timothy Schmeltz, Julians 99P Wicked with Julian and Brittney Schwarzenbach, Saturday - Heat 1 - all teams made the call, a decent battle started to unfold as , P55 and 99P entered turn 1 together. Coming out of turn 199P slowed and was unable to finish. It was found to be a wire came off the power switch for the fuel pump. P9 took off from there, followed by P94 and P92. P55 also unable to finish, it too had electrical problems. P28 with a less then stellar start held down the 4th place finish. He at 2 - not making the call P28, water coming out of the left header and P55 still working on its ignition woes. Again a great battle headed into turn 1. , P92, 99P and P94 four wide entered the turn, 99P threaded a tight needle between P9 and P94 and came out of the turn in 2nd spot behind , P94 came on strong on the outside, P92 was on the inside. 99P not comfortable with warying oil pressure chose to back off and ultimately pulled in. P9 and P92 were the battle. P9 took 1st, P922nd, and P943rd. Sunday - P28 and 99P scratched. P55 made some repairs and there were 4 boats. Heat - P9 took off, P92 and P55 running pretty strong. P94 was way off the pace. It was found latter, they were taking on water from the left chine. So they made the start and finished. P9 and P92 again battling for 1st and 2nd with P9 taking the win. P92 2nd the P55 3rd. Heat 2 - then there were 3 boats, P55 jumped the start so P9 and P92 battled for 1st. Again P9 pulled to the lead on the last turn beating his brother. It was good to see the teams come out. Hopefully more teams will be ready for Parkвг.

Tid Bits -

P28 issue has been partially diagnosed. Dropped exhaust walwe seat, broken exhaust valve, piston damage and cylinder head damage. Repairs assessment is under way.

P94 has some work to do again on the ever plaguing chine and bottom separation.

P55 is rewiring the boat.

99P needs to get a handle on the oil pressure.

Members, this is our club. We are what makes it tick. Lets get more people involved. We send out a Rapper every month. Club membership applications have been sent out. Awards ballots were sent out and follow-up emails sent as well. The return of the ballots wersus what was sent out was wery low. Lets make this club matter. Let us know what we can do to make it better. Next up is Lake Lawrence in April followed by Parker in May. And many thanks to Ed Solis for the club calendars he donated to the membership. And again to Lance as always for your many hours in preparing the best trip ever, And Blue Water Sound for the music. And anyone else who helped put together the Dinner and BR (bench racing) session Saturday night.

Thanks - Julian

Dinner and Awards Party Saturday night the club had their annual awards dinner. The party got off to a slow start, but eventually we had plenty of families enjoying the best piece of tritip anywhere. Prepared by none other than Lance the Meat Master. Varieties of salads and appetizers were awailable. Marshmallow roasting, etc. Once everyone was able to eat and start relaxing, Commodore Dawe Laws gathered up the masses, welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. Then he turned the awards portion over to Julian and Linda. This years awards were based on the last 3 seasons. Ballots were sent to the members. Those that were returned were counted in Bakersfield. And the winners are: Driver - Tony Lombardo Rider - Brian Schmeltz Rookie Driver - Donald Doidge Rookie Rider - Brittney Schwarzenbach Crew Chief - Robert Arnold Hard Luck - Mark Conaway Benefactor - Ed Solis Achievement - Team Doidge P94 Sportsman - Ron Pengra and Linda Kurowski

December 1, 2014

Six crackerbox teams arrived to challenge the mighty Colorado river For two days of sprint boat racing. 80 degree weather was the setting. The players … ed and rebeccas solis p9, richard and julian ruckis p28, jimmy caltons p30, bob nylands p38, mike shatz p92 and the doidge families p94.

P9 had scott shatz at the wheel and jeff Hansen as the rider
P28 rookie driver brian schmeltz and rookie rider david hale
P30 glenn madden driving and craig Murphy riding
P38 bob nyland driving and dale Hernandez jr jumped in as rider
P92 mike shatz wheeling and cole noble the extra set of eyes
P94 donald doidge had the helm and Justin vandalesa riding

Fridays 1st heat had 5 of the 6 make the call. P30 found a broken header flange after testing. Not enough time to get it welded in parker before the 1st flag dropped.

After heat1 , it was the p94 p92 p28 in that order, p9 and p38 went down due to electrical gremlins.

Heat 2 all six made the call. Finishing order was p94 p28 p9 p92 p30. some early season jitters had the p9,p92 and p30 a tad anxious and they jumped the gun. P38 broke the oil line to the gage and shut her down.

Friday nite the cracker teams were treated to a club gathering in the rv campgrounds. Chicken, salad, beverages and deserts where available. Near all the teams joined in the fun and socializing. It was a great nite just having fun and just hanging with everyone After a hard day of racing. Thank you crackerbox racing club

Saturday, only 5 teams could make the call, p94 discovered a crack in their strut and chose to sit the day out. Heading into Saturdays battle, p28 in the overall point lead over p92 by 10 points. Both boats started and finished both of Fridays heats Heat one all the teams were much better on the start. P9 lead the field in impressive fashion. P9,p92,p30 p28. p38 plates a little high and boat was a wild one, so bob pulled her off course.

Heat two much more of the same all 5 started and finished P9, p92 p30 p38 and p28.

After all the points were totaled for the weekend mike shatz took the overall wind for the weekend. The rucki;s p28 with rookie driver/rider brain and david held on for 2nd overall and ed and rebeccas p9 with scott and jeff were able to muscle out 3rd overall

Thank you to the p30 for coming and joining our event, great to have one of the lucas cracker teams come and play. Bob nyland from Washington was able to cross off one of his bucket list items Glad to see you so far away from home

A great weekend of racing and comradery from all the teams. All of them were over helping each other out when trouble reared its ugly head showing what a great family of racers we have.

Next up. Some march events in Bakersfield and then back to parker In April.

August 2013

* Save the date August 2, 2013
Crackerbox racers will be giving rides to the Wounded Warriers Program, Camp Pendelton.
Several Live News Media will be filming for there evening news casts.
If you want to particapate please let me know.

* Next race region 10

July 13, 14 Black Lake, Washington - Western Divisionals.

* Next race region 11
Sept. 14,15 Salt Springs, Ca.
Oct. 5, 6. Isleton, Ca.
Oct. 19, 20. Lake Mindon, Ca.

* Next Race region 12
August 3, 4 Long Beach, Ca.

Race updates region 11 Folsom Ca. June 1 & 2.
Six Crackerbox's showed to race
P - 5 PANDORAS BOX owners John and Courtney Canfield
Driver Tony Lombardo
Rider Blake Stump
P - 9 MISS SUNCOAST owner Ed Solis
Driver Scott Schatz
Rider Jeff Hanson
P - 28 RENEGADE owner Julian Rucki,
Driver Julian Rucki, Richard Rucki
P - 75 owner Jeff Walsh
P - 87 IN THE MOOD owner Jim Mathews
Drver Jim Mathews
P - 94 HIGH MAINTENCE owner Chuck and Jeanne Doidge
Driver Jeff Doidge
Rider Donald Doidge

P - 5
P - 87
P - 28

Congradulations to all

February 2013

Just an update - March 2nd & 3rd - we will be at Lake Ming in Bakersfield. Looks like we might even have enough boats to have two elimination heats each day. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

On Saturday night we will be having a mini-meeting to see which races we want to support as a club. So come and be heard. The meeting should start about � to � hour after the last race. Also be prepared to pay for the 2013 club membership dues. Jeannie will have the forms ready.

Dinner will follow. The club is providing the meat to BBQ, plates, etc. Please bring a side dish (and I don't mean a blonde) to share. Even if you are not racing come and join the group for dinner.

We will post the 2013 schedule once it is decided upon.

See you then -

December 2012

Crackerbox racers and friends

SCSC 66th annual Thanksgiving Regatta in Parker Arizona,

The crackerbox racers were back at Parker Thanksgiving regatta with Scott Schatz P-9 and Tony Lombardo P-5 doing battle all four heat races.

Six boats were at Parker, but the new Lakamp P-969 were still doing their shakedown runs prior to the races and decided to wait until the next race in Bakersfield to actually race the new boat.

The first heat race on Friday saw Scott Schatz and Jeff Hansen in the lead with Tony Lombardo and Blake Stump in second, 3rd was P-30 Jim Calton and Scott Stump just getting by P-94 Donald Doidge and Justin Dalessandro, P-55 Dave Laws and Matt Stump in 5th place.

The second heat Friday P-5 was first to the turn and held on to the lead as P-9 was coming on strong, 3rd was P-94 Doidge and 4th was P-30 Calton, 5th was P-55 Laws experiencing steering issues.

Saturday what a beautiful day for racing. P-55 now has ignition problems and doesn't make the call. P-9 and P-5 are neck and neck to the first turn but they were a little early to the start and were panelized 1:00 minute so that put P-94 Donald Doidge and Justin Dalessandro in first place with P-30 Scott Stump now driving with David Doidge riding in second place, P-9 third and P-5 fourth.

The last heat on Saturday was going to be the barn burner of the last two days with Last years champ P-9 Scott Schatz and Jeff Hansen taking first, P-5 Tony Lombardo and Blake Stump second and P-94 third. At least that is the way it looked, but P9 and P5 both jumped the gun again so they came in 2nd and 3rd. P-55 dnf with ignition issues and P-30 not making the last heat.

What a beautiful weekend and some great racing. A big Thank you to Scott Schatz for lending the P-55 a mag. to get them back on the water. Also it was great to see Jim Calton and the beautifull P-30, Scott Stump got the opportunity to drive on Saturday and says the boat is fast.

In closing we hope to see everyone in Bakersfield (tenetively March 2nd and 3rd) for our club end of year meeting, Bar B Q, and trophy presentations. The club will be sending out ballots.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,




March 2012

The Puddingstone race will held on March 24th and 25th. The club will be having a meeting on Saturday night in the RV section. Look for Dave Barclay's or Jerry Ross's motor home.

We will finally learn who won Driver of the Year for 2011, as well as Rider of the Year, Rookie Driver, Rookie Rider, Crew chief, Sportsman and last but not least the Hard Luck winner. I think it is safe to say that Mark Conavay didn't win the Hard Luck again last year, he didn't race. Seems he is holding out until he is sure he can get through a year without the Hard Luck plaque.

The BBQ will be immediately after the meeting. The club will be providing the salads, utensils, water and chef with the BBQ. If you want Tri Tip steak, a donation would be appreciated. Bring an appetizer to share or whatever. Just come join us for a night of lies and tall tales.

Notes in passing - December 3rd

Another Thanksgiving at the Parker Regatta. Unfortunately there were no CrackerBoxes this year. The lost of 2 Region 12 boats and one Region 11 boat to holes in the hulls at the Bakersfield race, coupled with the cost of fuel, etc. for the region 10 and 11 boats to come to Arizona made for a no show at Parker. Joe LaKamp, owner of the P24 "Cracker Jack', brought his SS43 capsule boat so we at least had someone to cheer for. Rumor has it that the three boats will be ready for Puddingstone in March. Two new boats that have been under construction for a couple of years are due to be finished this winter. So barring any major drop in the economy we are looking at 8 to 10 boats in March. It has been difficult for some boat owners since the club doesn't have sponsors to help defray the costs. But it just makes it more interesting. Individual ingenuity is what makes this sport unique.

We will have T-Shirts commemorating the boats that raced in 2011. The voting in over but the results still unknown as to who is the Driver of the year, Rider of the year, etc. There were several who qualified for the "Hard Luck" trophy. Should be an interesting awards banquet.

Notes in passing - October 6th

Issaquah, Wa. had the P6 the Nutcracker and P38 (no name on file) show but no one else. So they did some side by side racing for the fans and testing. The P5 was going to go but after the Bakersfield race they found a hole in the bottom of the boat. We lost two boats to holes in the bottom at Bakersfield. Anyway, hopefully next year more boats will make the Washington races. At Isleton there were no CrackerBoxes and boy did we hear about that from the locals. They came to watch but there was nothing to see. I guess "build it and they will come" doesn't apply to boat racing.
We will be having a meeting in October and will notify members by email of the time and date and place.

BAKERSFIELD, CA - September 24th-25th

The Bakersfield race weekend started out with a bang - or should I say flip. During the practice on Saturday morning the P9 boat with Scott Schatz and Sheldon Ogg did a 360 barrel roll. Sheldon was thrown clear but Scott went around with the boat and tore the steering wheel apart in the process then went out. Scott was a little banged up but Sheldon went for x-rays, seems he dislocated his shoulder but it popped back in on it's own and there was concern that the collar bone might be broken. However, all ended without any breakage. Scott found another rider for the day, Bob "Curly" Williams. Sheldon was back in the seat for Sunday.
The boats present were the 5 "Pandora's Box" with Tony Lombardo driving and Bruce Croft riding; the 9 "Miss Suncoast" with Scott Schatz driving and Sheldon Ogg/Bob Williams riding; the 21 "Gramps Cracker" with David Doidge driving and Dan Doidge riding; the 92 "Evolution" with Mike Schatz driving and Pat Bowman riding; the 94 "High Maintenance" with Jeff Doidge Driving and David Doidge riding; and lastly the 96 " Arizona Girl" with Scott Stump driving and Matt Stump riding. On the Doidge family I may have gotten the names right for the first race but after that they could have swapped around.

Saturday -
The results were: Race #1
1st - P9
2nd - P5
3rd - P96
4th - P94
5th - P21
6th - P92
(he spun out in turn 2 1st lap.)

It was a great race with the 5, 9, and 94 all hitting the start together.

Race #2
1st - P96
2nd - P21
3rd - P9
4th - P94
5th - P92
DNF - P5

This race started with all but the P5 jumping the start which meant all the P5 had to do was finish to win but a shaft water line fitting snapped and they were half a lap short. Since the rest of the field were all penalized equally it didn't matter. Congratulations to Scott and Matt Stump for their first win, and believe me they worked hard to get it.

Sunday -
On Saturday night there was a medical issue with the driver of the P96 so it didn't race on Sunday.
The results were: Race #1
1st - P9
2nd - P5
3rd - P21
4th - P92
DNF - P94
All the boats crossed the start line about the same time; however, the P5 was moving at about three times the speed of the rest of the boats. The P5 lead for 3 laps with the P9 in hot pursuit. In the last turn the P9 past the P5 for the win. Unfortunately the P94 starting taking on water and had to get on the trailer ASAP. I believe they will be redoing the bottom of the boat. Hope to be ready for Parker at Thanksgiving.

Race #2
1st - P9
2nd - P5
3rd - P92
(jumped the start)

Only three boats made the last race but it was exciting watching the jockeying for position on the start.

Saturday night BBQ was attended by about 60 people. Robert Arnold brought 18 pounds of Tri Tip and was reimbursed by several families. Thanks Robert, it was good stuff. Ed Solis brought enchiladas, rice and beans. (Thanks Ed I don't think we would have had enough to feed everyone otherwise) Several families brought side dishes, desserts and appetizers. The club provided the usual potato salad, baked beans and green salad. The usual wild tales, white lies and BS were the order of the night.

Prior to the dinner a short meeting was held to discuss next year. Club members check you emails for info and requests for nominations. If you are not a member check out "membership" on this web site and join. The 2012 dues will be $20.00.

The 2011 race season is coming to an end, but there are still a couple of races scheduled in Region 11 that you may want to attend. Check out their website for details.

The 2011 awards for Crackerbox's and the SCSC family of racers is scheduled for Saturday night November 26th at the Blue Water Casino in Parker, so plan to come.

Hope to see you then.

Long Beach Sprint Nationals - August 6th & 7th 2011

Saturday had seven boats showing up but only 5 made the racing. Not bad for this economy. The boats were: P9 - Miss Suncoast, P21 - GrampsCracker, P24 - Cracker Jack, P69 - The Enemy, P92 - Evolution, P94 - High Maintenance, P96 - Arizona Girl. P21 showed up to race but had engine bugs and an oil problem that eliminated them from the weekend. The P9 tested Saturday morning but did not race due to oil pressure problems that were worked on all Saturday and solved for the Sunday event. Joining races on Sunday was P28 - Quacker Box. P33 and P55 made it to the show and shine area in hopes of finding new owners, thus stayed on the trailer all weekend long. Saturday's races, the qualifier had P92 with Mike Schatz/Pat Bowmen and P96 with Scott Stump/Matt Stump, battling for 4 laps, the P92 team took the win, P96 in second, P94 with Don Doidge/Justin Vandalesadre finishing third, P24 only making three laps due to prop shaft issues, and P69 missing the race due to an oil leak. The Final ended up with P69 Nick Granger (Mr. No stranger to danger) taking an early lead, a battle for second place between P92 and P96 lasted most all of the 4 laps with the P96 taking 2nd place, P92 taking third, P94 fourth, P24 was a DNF due to a broken distributor rotor. If the P24 crew did not have bad luck they would not have had any luck at all. Saturday night we had the BBQ at Dave Barclay's motor home. Again Lance Stump was the Master Chef. How he kept everyone's steaks straight I will never know. Amy shared a very large bottle of wine from the CrackerBox winery of John Canfield and Courtney Cooke. It was enjoyed by everyone. As usual the stories of past races and the "just wait till tomorrow" conversations flowed. Robert Arnold, John Canfield and Courtney Cooke from Region 11 joined us for the weekend, thanks for coming down you guys. Sunday's races in all classes were accident prone. In the first heat P24's engine ceased and flipped. Blake Stump (new driver this weekend) and Dave Laws went for a swim. They emerged bruised and scraped but not broken. I would say bad luck turned to no luck on Sunday. The boat made it back to the trailer, filled with salt water, and later went to the shop to get stripped down and cleaned. Salt water is no friend of engines or boat parts. The race was rerun, with P92 taking and holding on to lead, and battling with P69 for 3 laps. P69 found themselves getting a very heavy wash down that resulted in going back on the trailer. P92 earned and took the win, second went to P96, third to P28 and fourth to P94. This was the first race for the P28 this year with the Richard Rucki/Matt Bookie team. They didn't do bad for running on old spark plugs and bad gas. That was all corrected before the final. For the Sunday National final the P9 with the team of Scott Schatz/Sheldon Ogg finally showed and dominated the race coming in first, way out in front. Second went to P28. Third was P69. The P96 was neck and neck with P94 coming into the last turn and both teams fighting to exit the turn first. The result was a lane infraction, the turn judge ruled that P96 pushed P94 out. P94 took fourth and P96 fifth. All in all, racing was exciting and certainly not with out problems and a few bumps and bruises. Luckily the tide was in so the race course was a little wider than normal. Summer Nationals Winner: P9 Owner Ed Solis, Driver Scott Schatz, Rider Sheldon Ogg. Good job Miss Sun Coast Team. At the awards ceremony Mike Schatz, Nick Granger, and Mike Follmer went for a swim. Don't know where Schatz's rider was. Scott Stump and Matt Bookie made sure the three got baptized for their first win. I know Nick did not go willingly, the result was everyone was drenched. Overall for the weekend 1st went to P92, 2nd went to P96 and 3rd was P94. The National final ended with 1st place being P9, 2nd place was P28 and 3rd was P69. Our next race is in Bakersfield's Lake Ming on September 24th and 25th. Hope to see you all there.

July 23rd - From Black Lake with Dan Doidge

Hey everyone, Yes the P-9 did indeed bump up the record not once but twice over the weekend, I am not sure what the final speed ended up being, but it was around 86.6 MPH. We had a total of six boats up for the race, P-9, P-21, P-94 P-29, P-38, P-6. As we all came up to cross the start /finish line we ALL pulled into the infield and let the P-9 go for the record!!! No just kidding!!! Scott did it fair and square and was just plain fast! Ed and Scott congratulations on such a dominating performance! Scott set the record on the first heat Saturday then bumped it up in the final on Sunday. I understand his other two heats were right on the record also, so it was no fluke! The powers to be in Region 10 have implemented a new starting procedure where you score up at the start/finish line with one minute and fifteen seconds, then run flat out around the course for the final minute before the start in an attempt to hit the start line right at zero, it is very hard to do right. Scott had it figured out the best since he ran up there last year, and got consistently good starts, the best I could do was being about fifteen seconds late! I really hope this won't become a nation wide starting procedure because it really sucks! The two Doidge boats had the gremlins hit them on Sunday. The P-21 had starter issues for the first heat and after a lot of thrashing barely made the final. In one of the best races of the weekend the P-38 (which ran better than it ever has!), the P-21 in the middle, and the P-6 on the outside were all running together side by side for three laps, where any one of us could have reached out and touched the other boat, when a puff of smoke came out of the breather of the P-21 and I pulled into the infield. Jeff in the P-94 also had engine issues with a lot of oil being sprayed over them and a melted sparkplug when they got looking into it. I believe the overall weekend results were the P-9, P-6, P-38. The results of Saturday's World Finals were the P-9, P-94 and the P-21. We also had Chuck's son Donald and my son David take their drivers test up there, so it looks like there are a lot of young guns coming into the class! We are all looking forward to Long Beach hope everyone can make it! Dan Doidge

June 16th - SpeedShots APBA Crackerbox Isleton

June 6th - Notes From the Commodore

Some of our members raced at Firebird in Phoenix over Memorial weekend. P30 got his handling problem handled. However he came up with a new problem - batteries. Seem he went thru 2 in 2 days. Might need to check for a slow drain. He didn't make the Sunday final when the boat wouldn't fire. Dead battery. P111 and P37 had a meeting of boats out on the course. Not sure how that occurred. Three guesses but the first two don't count. The result was a small hole is the side of P111. They covered it with 100MPH tape and were good to go. Don't think the boat goes that fast but just in case. The P37 was gone when we arrived so don't know the extent of the injuries to that boat. The July race at Chowchilla has been changed to the same weekend as Black Lake. Can't make that one so would someone let me know what happens. Thanks in advance.

April 25th Blue Water RV Park

Notes From The Commodore -

First off many thanks to Richard Hammond of River Bottom Auto Body for finding a piece of aluminum in his garage that Tom Sampson and Nick Granger (P69 team) used to make a bracket for the P69. With help from Schatz's tools, Lance Stump and Nick were able to drill the holes and cut the aluminum to fit. The problem was after Puddingstone Tom didn't notice the thrust bearing mounting bracket was cracked until he went to put on the prop at Parker. The maiden race of the P94 proved very successful. The Doidge family members shared driving and riding in the Nostalgia flat class as well as the CrackerBox class. When they won 1st overall in the Nostalgia flat class Jeff was the driver. It was his first win and thus was baptized in the River (he didn't go willingly). Chuck accepted the trophy and dedicated the win to the memory of his father. Danny drove all the Sunday heats in the CrackerBox class and was trying to trade Chuck the P21 for the P94. Saturday night's BBQ was hosted by Tom Smith in the Blue Water RV Park. The use of his motor home was greatly appreciated. Jerry Ross brought his BBQ from home and Lance Stump cooked up mini hot dogs for appetizers. Rick Frampton shared some really spicy sausages. Then Lance cooked carne asada to go with the refried beans and taco fixings. Banana splits topped off the evening food wise. The bench racing and tall tales went all for hours. The older set called it a night around ten and left the partying to the younger group. All in all another great night.

April 17, 2011 - Parker APBA 2011 Western Divisional Results

Six boats came to race - P9 - Miss Suncoast P24 - Cracker Jack P30 - Blade Runner P69 - The Enemy P94 - High Maintenance P96 - Arizona Girl The P9 with Scott Schatz - driver and Sheldon Ogg - rider kept the same driving team the entire weekend. The P24 had Grady LaKamp driving with Joe LaKamp and Brooke Struny sharing the riding seat. The P30 had three drivers - Rick Frampton, Jim Carlton, and Amy Ottinger. Rider was Ernie Leas. The P69 was driven by Nick Granger with rider Blake Stump. The P94 was driven by both Chuck and Danny Doidge. The riders were Donald and David Doidge I think. There were so many of them I couldn't keep it straight. Finally the P96 was manned by Scott and Matt Stump who traded the driving and riding seats back and forth.

When it was over the winners of the overall for the weekend were:

1st - P30

2nd - P94

3rd - P24

For the Western Divisionals the winner were:

1st - P9

2nd - P94

3rd - P30

March 30 Puddingstone Banquet

Notes From The Commodore

The BBQ Saturday night was blessed with clear skies. Seems the B for beef in BYOB&B should have been C for chicken. Don't know if it is the economy or we are just eating healthier but chicken was the meat of choice. The Solis family provided roast beef and corned beef for sandwiches. Nick made his wonderful salsa, garlicky and hot. Tom Sampson brought a five bean salad served hot that was in high demand (thank you Jeanne Sampson). Our chef Lance Stump did a great job BBQing the chicken. The Club provided salads and drinks. As always there was plenty of food to go around. Mark Conavay presented the awards for the combined 2009/2010 season. The last official job of his commodoreship. By the way he also received the Hard Luck award again. Said it cost him three engines. Brian Dalham received the Sportsmanship award but was unable to come to pick it up. Jerry Ross received the Crew Chief award. Couldn't tell which boat it was for as he had his head in many engine compartments. Rookie Rider went to Scott Stump. Beat his oldest brother out for that honor. Nick Granger was voted Rookie Driver (2nd year of eligibility). Rider of the year went to Sheldon Ogg for holding on for dear life in the P9. And last but certainly not least is Driver of the Year and Achievement of the Year went to Amy Ottinger. She also was the National Points leader for APBA. Check out her ring. Way cool. Since racing started early the next morning most people called it a night fairly early. There were a few that carried on into the wee hours I've been told. All in all it was a fun night. See you at Parker - Linda

March 19 & 20 Puddingstone Lake

Pudding Stone Lake in San Dimas Ca. is one of the most beautiful placesthat we have raced at in recent years. This is year three in a row that we have been welcomed by the city to use their lake, and hopefully we will be back for many years to come. The Crackers had 4 boats for the weekend, several other boats were interested in coming but could not make the event for various reasons, the new P94-Chuck Doidge was still missing its engine, which seems to be stuck on the Dyno, P55-Mark Conavey has a rebuilt engine and is ready to dyno, just got to get the headers finished, P21 Danny Doidge is working on an engine, P96 Amy Ottinger has a new engine but is still repairing oil pan and pump, P5 John & Cortney Canfield is rummored to have a new driver (Tony Lombardo) that needs a bit of seat time before coming out, P13 Mitch Gasper is in the process of a complete engine rebuild (including a new crankshaft) and will be coming out soon, P53 Brian Dahlem was all ready but work (something of a priority now days) prevented him from coming. The rest of the roster P3, P100, P6, P101, P75, P29, P75, P28, and the new Wrap P969 owned by Joe Lakamp are all in various stages of work and planning to come out for the season.

Pudding Stone Race Results

The weekend was a complete success for all the racers, as there were no DNF's and no driver errors. The P9 dominated the weekend, winning all 4 heats, good job Scott and Sheldon. Mike Shatz ran the wheels off his P92 but just could not hold off Nick Granger in the P69. We had two beginner drivers, Scott Stump and Matt Stump sharing the driving and riding responsibilities in the P24 CrackerJack. The Stump brothers quickly learned that the shortest way around the track is the inside lane. We also had a new driver in the P69, Nick Granger whom has been the rider in P69 for a good 4 years and has driven the P53 and P24 in prior years. Nick has shown a real passion for the sport and has already earned a nick name "No stranger to danger, Nick Granger". good job for the weekend Nick, Scott and Matt. We look forward to seeing you guys a lot this year, have fun, be safe and good luck. Next race, APBA Western Divisionals at Parker Arizona April 16 & 17. See ya there.

November 26 & 27 Parker, AZ

2011 Race Schedule started at Parker with 4 boat showing, P24 Lakamp, P53 Dalham, P69 Sampson, P96 Ottinger.  Mother nature was very kind this year, as the weather was almost perfect for racing at about 70 degrees, sunny and no wind, but very cold in the early morning.  Fridays races, all boat started and finished. For the qualifier, P24 driver Scotty Stump and rider Matt Stump, P53 driver No Stranger to Danger Nick Granger and rider Mike Follmer (Mr. Jet Ski, whom seems to have a thirst for CrackerBox's), P69 driven by Jerry Ross and rider Grady LaKamp, P96 driver-owner Amy Ottinger and rider Joe LaKamp.  Results P96 first, P69 second, P53 third, and P24 fourth. The P53 stayed to the inside lane having some difficulty making the two pin turns, P24 team were beginners and got with the program doing very well for their first race, P69 and P96 battled with the P96 taking the win. The Friday main put all the drivers and riders all in their registered boats, P24 Joe and Grady Lakamp, P53 Nick Granger and Matt Stump, P69 Jerry Ross and Mike Follmer, P69 Amy Ottinger and Scotty Stump. P24 had the inside lane, P53 lane two, P69 in lane three and P96 lane four.  First turn there were a few lane changes (P24 not able to hold the inside lane, no harm) and the race was on. Results P69 took the win, P96 second, P53 third, P24 fourth.  Saturdays qualifier had P24 driver Matt Stump and rider Scotty Stump, P53 same team as Friday qualifier, P69 driver Jerry Ross and rider Joe LaKamp, P96 driver Amy Ottinger and new rider Billy Weaver (2010 GN National Champ).  The P24 had engine problems in the warm up and didn't make the start.  Three boats took off and racing was competitive, the P96 had engine problems and dropped out at the end of lap 3, leaving P69 and P53 to battle it out. P69 took first and P53 second.  The Saturday main was held with only two boat, P53 and P69.  Nick Granger driving the P53 with Matt Stump riding drove hard and fast, making excellent turns in the outside lanes, with the P69 in its favorite inside lane turn position.  Four laps of side by side racing ended with Nick and Matt taking the win in the P53. Nick has driven the P53 once before, and this time he drove the wheels off it, keeping the speed up for all four laps, no mistakes and taking the win. This was Matt Stumps first weekend of racing and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  Scotty Stump got his first driving experience in the Cracker Jack P24, and was it difficult to get him out of the drivers seat and back in riding in the P96.  The Stumps are thoroughly hooked on racing Crackers, the family owns the P88 Orangatang/No Sense and are in the process of completely rebuilding the hull and working on the hardware and engine. Brian Dalham P53 owner, a very generous guy, allowed Nick to take the P53 boat and race the weekend, thanks Brian from all and I know that Nick really appreciated the opportunity. Dick Price, the prior owner of P53, named The Rose, got to see the boat in action and was very pleased to see how well it handled and made the outside turns.  So Brian, keep your set up as it is and don't lose that prop. The Lakamps got some exposure riding in a couple different boats, Joe seemed a bit nervous riding and I'd bet his preference is to drive. The CrackerJack P24 has once again introduced a couple beginner drivers, which is something that the prior owner, deceased Greg Falconer (one of the good guys) would have fully endorsed.  He was probably watching and enjoying the whole thing.  The racing came to close and SCSC had its weekend Race Awards and 2010 Awards Ceremony Saturday night. For the weekend, P69 took first, P53 second and P96 third. Good job guys and gal. See ya at the next race.  

November 7

Region 12 Officer elections were run on Sunday, November 7.  All the results will be published by the Chairman.  A couple of the results are:  Region Chairman Roger Carr, Region Inboard Commissioners are Dave Rankin and Paul Grichar. FYI, our Region 12 is the 3rd largest (by membership) region in APBA.  We had 276 members, 221 were racing members.  Region 10 (Oregon, Washington and Idaho) was the largest with over 400 members.
The 2010 racing year is over (as of October 31) and the National Champion competition was finalized at the Lake Minden.  The unofficial results, top 5 boats are: Champion  P96 Arizona Girl Owner/Driver Amy Ottinger 2945 points, 2nd Place P9 Owner Ed Solis Driver Scott Shatz 2890 points, 3rd Place P92 Owner/Driver Mike Shatz 2578 points, 4th Place The Enemy Owner Tom Sampson Driver Jerry Ross 1690 points, and P24 CrackerJack Owner/Driver Joe LaKamp 1675 points.  Congratulations to all.  Details on the race results and points for all the Crackerbox's can be found on the APBA web site: apba-racing.com.

General Information

2010 Rule Changes proposed earlier this year have had some small modifications by the APBA Technical Committee and have now been released. All are encouraged to review these new rules. These rule changes clear up a some contradictions, and change dimensions and tolerances so that the rules more accurately reflect the actual size and shapes of our hulls. There are a few hulls that most likely still have a problem or two. There are still plans to have a "Hull Variance" process that could formally get these hulls permanently approved for their specific issue. More to follow on the Hull Variance. You can get a copy of the revised rules off the APBA Inboard Web site. Questions on the changes can be directed to Danny Doidge, Jerry Ross or Tony Lombardo.



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